Purposeful Marriage

Marriage is the most important relationship any of us will have.  It is the most rewarding, most fulfilling and most challenging endeavor we will undertake.  Yet with so much good in marriage, many marriages are failing.  Divorces continue to occur at an alarming rate, the American Psychological Association says as many as 50 percent of marriages end up in divorce.

Marriage is still the overwhelming norm with over 90 percent getting married by the age of 50 (according the APA).  Even with these overwhelming stats, people still want to be married.  Even if you are not divorced, many marriages are not fulfilling to either partner.  Why? Why has something God ordained for good (Genesis 2:24) become so difficult?  There are no easy answers, but there are solutions.

Marriage is intended as a relationship where each partner is served out of love.  Read Ephesians 5:25 and you begin to grasp the holiness of the love that God intended marriage to hold.  But so many marriages are turned upside down; we think we should be served before we attempt any serving or our own. How does something go from, Until Death to “I may kill you myself”?

Todd and Melissa Freese have spent the past 27 years building a life of raising children, serving the church and their community through teaching and pastoring.  They don’t have all the answers, but they have figured a few things out.

The purpose of marriage is to serve the other, see how this can be done in a fulfilling way.  They have presented their Marriage Encounter internationally to rave reviews.  See what they can do for marriages in your church with a Marriage Encounter.